Types of Customer Feedback & Solutions

No company can afford to ignore customer feedback. Feedback can come in a variety of different ways, and it is well worth paying attention to no matter what the source of information is.

Negative Feedback

Before technology got involved in providing different methods for customer feedback, the most common way for clients to deliver their opinion was through verbal communication. This is still a common way today. When there is a dissatisfied customer, they often have no problem letting the company know about it. Some will stop after this initial complaint, but with the world of the internet, they may carry their complete even further and put it in writing. This can be devastating to the growth of a business. Another good reason for having feedback solutions, whether they are meant to gather negative or positive reporting or both.

What Is Feedback?

Customer feedback is the information a client provides concerning a company’s product or service. In most cases, if it is not negative feedback, the customer has to be asked for their feedback. That doesn’t mean that when the customer gives it that it will be all positive. But, whatever feedback is given has some value to it.

Types of Customer Feedback Solutions

In the past, it would be a matter of asking the client verbally for feedback. This is still a practice today, but most companies will now rely on different types of software to help them with this. Thee are many different types, such as:

  • Using social platforms to gather information
  • Looking at trends that the company’s target market fits into
  • Survey and questionnaires

Most of the feedback is going to revolve around the consumer experience. There is software that is developed that can extract this information from customers through different methods, such as creating surveys and asking for specific opinions.