The Impact of Poor Customer Service

Most companies have to deal with some form of customers or clients. Which means they need to focus on excellent customer service. Companies that tend to be successful have relied on good customer service to scale up their business. Those that don’t can suffer a variety of different kinds of consequences. These can vary in their severity, depending on the specific market.

Being Rude

One adverse action in customer service that can have a harmful effect on customer relationships is when the customer representative is rude. This does happen, but in one case, a bad experience with a customer service led one individual to use this as a positive experience. As a result, he used the rudeness that he had experienced as an inspiration to start his own business.


Another big mistake that is made in customer service is when representatives come across as not really caring about the customer. This creates a really bad impression on the business itself. It can be one of the major reasons why a company is not enjoying repeat business.

Lack of Knowledge

Nothing frustrates a customer more than when they are dealing with a customer service department that doesn’t know what they are doing. The representatives are not able to provide solutions for the client who is need of assistance.

The Wrong Products

Many customers are now relying on technology to assist them with their customer service. This can be really beneficial but can also have its drawbacks. Companies who are relying on customer service products like software and hardware may be making the wrong choice for their particular business. Or they are making the mistake of not learning how to use these products properly.

Every company, no matter how big or small that is dealing with clients, has to make their customer service a priority. A loss of just one customer due to weaknesses in this department is a big loss.