How does NPS & Online Reviews effect the Beauty Industry?

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We use the world’s leading metric of customer happiness: the Net Promoter Score® (NPS). The beauty industry has a NPS Benchmark of 64. We give visibility to salons empowering them to see how they stack up against their competition.

In the competitive world of beauty, reputation & word of mouth is everything. Fully leverage your online presence to rank higher with online searches and social media presence, by turning your happy customers into online advocates.

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So how is Out of ten different?

We understand you & your customers are busy! So we prompt your customers for feedback at a time that suits, gaining maximum engagement. Perhaps 24 hours after that new balayage? or 48 hours after a new colour? It’s what works for you!

We only use conversational, interactive SMS conversation to personalise the experience whilst achieving the highest engagement possible!

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Beauty industry statistics

  • 93% of customer read online reviews before purchasing.

  • 94% of customers would avoid somewhere with a low rating.

  • Unhappy customer review image

    1 out of 26 UNHAPPY customers, will actually complain.

Case study

How Out of Ten Helped Eva & Frankie Hair Salon?

Eva & Frankie before:

  • No insight into customer service.
  • Zero online reviews.
  • Struggled with customer retention.

Eva & Frankie after:

  • Drove their NPS from 41 to 84, far surpassing the industry average of 64, they championed this achievement too, generating more business.

  • Have a 5.0 Star rating on Google, attracting new customers & growing their client base

  • Reduced customer churn from 22% to 8%, making the business more profitable.

Our leading software is used by many Salons within Australia & overseas.

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