Selling online? are you online reviews matching your service?

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Nothing Hurts a business as much as a poor online review. This is amplified further if your major channel to market is an online store!

What if you could reach out to your customers before they went rouge online? Out of Ten provides online store owners a platform where they can easily receive, manage and respond to customer feedback, all in real time.

“93% of customer now read online reviews before choosing where to shop”

Make your happy online shoppers your marketing department & best referrals. Plus win back unhappy customers when things didn’t quite run to plan with our live unhappy customer alert feature.

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How does Out of Ten help?

If your business is online, your reputation is everything. We use the world’s leading metric of customer happiness: the Net Promoter Score® (NPS). The E-commerce industry has a NPS Benchmark of 57. We give visibility to owners, empowering them to see how they stack up against their direct competition. We understand you & your customers are busy! So we prompt your customers for feedback at a time that suits, gaining maximum engagement. Perhaps 72 hours after purchase? or 14 days after shipping? It’s what works for you! We only use conversational, interactive SMS conversation to personalise the experience whilst achieving the highest engagement possible! All your data can be viewed on your simple dashboard 24/7. We have no lock in contracts

and it takes only ten mins to set up. View our plans here.

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E-commerce industry statistics

  • 95% of customers will respond to a feedback SMS compared to just 8% email.

  • Win back unhappy or non returning customers with coupon codes.

  • Get 5 star google reviews image

    Boost online reputation with 5 Star google reviews.

Out of Ten is used by E-commerce teams across Australia & overseas.

Contact us today & see how we can help your Online company, gain crucial insights & attain the reputation you deserve, taking your business to the next level.