How Out of Ten helps the hospitality industry with customer feedback and online reviews?

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Im sure you can agree, bad customer service can leave a bad taste?

“93% of customer now read online reviews before visiting somewhere new.”

Online feedback is the new word of mouth referral. Customers now have more platforms than ever to leave their online feedback. Research shows that nearly 50% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust a friend or family recommendation.

Let Out of ten help you manage your online reputation. Hear what your customers are saying about you on Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor and other online review sites.

Improving the customer experience is paramount for the whole industry. The customer has more choice with the touch of a button than ever before! The Out of Ten solution provides customer feedback while supercharging your establishments online reputation & reviews!

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Don't let customer service leave a bad taste

The hospitality industry was build over many decades with great customer service, its now scarier than ever to know it could be destroyed with a few bad one-star reviews. This is the reality of upset customers if they don’t feel like you care or ask even ask for feedback!

We use the world’s leading metric of customer happiness: the Net Promoter Score® (NPS). The Hospitality industry has a NPS Benchmark of 48. We give visibility, empowering your company to see how it stacks up against the competition. We understand you & your customers are busy! So we prompt your customers for feedback at a time that suits, gaining maximum engagement. Perhaps 1 hour after they pay? or 24 hours after big booking? It’s what works for you! We only use conversational, interactive SMS conversation to personalise the experience whilst achieving the highest engagement possible! All your date can be viewed on your simple dashboard. We have no lock in contracts

and it takes only ten mins to set up. View our plans here.

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Hospitality industry statistics

  • Don't get lost in the sea of E-mails. SMS gets X5 greater engagement!

  • Reach out to unhappy customers & win them back in 'real time'

  • Close the conversation with an added incentive, making sure they keep coming back to you!

Out of Ten is used within the hospitality industry in Australia & overseas.

Contact us today & see how we can help your business, gain crucial insights & attain the reputation you deserve, taking your business to the next level.